• Notifier


    For over 50 years, Notifier has been in a leadership position in the fire alarm industry.
    Today, they are the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with over 400 confirmed distributors worldwide, and regional support operations on every continent.

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  • System Sensor

    System Sensor

    Founded in 1984, System Sensor is a global manufacturer of Fire and Life Safety devices, specializing in smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection and notification technology for worldwide applications.

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  • Xtralis


    VESDA by Xtralis is a global leader and pioneer in Life Safety. The first to invent "Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection" (ASD), VESDA is the world's # 1 ASD brand.
    Customers worldwide rely on VESDA by Xtralis when business continuity is imperative, environments are challenging and time is required to ensure safe and orderly evacuation.

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  • Cooper Wheelock

    Cooper Wheelock

    As a leader in life safety for decades, Cooper Wheelock notification products are designed to comply with industry codes and standards such as UL and NFPA.
    Setting the new standard, Cooper Wheelock appliances provide best in class efficiency and clear intelligible communications.

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